Consistent quality is our core power

"Stima Thabiti" is Swahili for "Quality Electric" and can also be translated as "Consistent Electric"

"Stima" = Electric power

"Thabiti" = Consistent Quality -> What can be of better quality than a Diamond?

Was founded in May 2009 in Benoni, Gauteng by former Senior Development Engineer of Alcatel Altech Telecoms , Willem La Grange

Holds an MBA “Willem is exceptionally hard-working and brings passion and energy to all he does. He is an original thinker and a warm compassionate person. His wisdom, borne of life experience, makes him an asset to any working environment"

Software Development

Designed and develops software for embedded systems using C/C++

Developing apps for android tablets

Developing applications using Java/C# and popular databases oracle , mysql and sql server

Sms and USSD application development

Webservice development

Backend server applications with web interfaces

Banking applications

Consulting Services

Consulting for software development

Consulting for business solutions

Consulting for hardware development

Project Management


Product Integration

Product Stabilization

Electronic Manufacturing

Firmware Development

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